Jude LeQueen is a world record holding juggler, drag queen, and visual artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Through dramatic performances that mix avant-garde circus with theatre, LeQueen creates an immersive experience for audiences. Creating shows which inspire acceptance and carry great emotion, LeQueen is at the forefront of circus performance.

Jude LeQueen learned how to juggle at the age of six, and has never lost the passion for performing. During high school, LeQueen started performing locally and quickly became a popular performer in the festival scene. In 2017 and 2018, LeQueen competed in the finals of the International Jugglers' Association Stage Championships. From 2017-2019 LeQueen has broken over 20 juggling world records, and continues to push the boundaries of the art form. 


In recent years, Jude LeQueen performs at many different venues. From nightclubs, to EDM festivals, LeQueen's performances continue to entertain audiences and create a unique immersive environment which inspire lasting memories. 


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